Maya The Bee 3 -The Golden Orb

AFM: Studio 100 Kicks Off Production of ‘Maya the Bee 3 – The Golden Orb’

Studio 100 Media has announced the start of production on it’s latest buzz-worthy family CG feature: Maya the Bee 3 – The Golden Orb. The threequel is set to hit cinemas in 2020/2021. The Golden Orb will be produced by Studio 100 Media in coproduction with Studio B Animation (Australia) and in association with Flying Bark Productions.

Munich-based Studio 100 Film is the international sales agency for the worldwide rights and presents first designs and details at AFM 2018, at Loews Office #653.

“We are delighted to add yet another chapter to Maya the Bee’s success story. We sold our first two Maya movies to more than 170 countries worldwide and already have presales of Maya the Bee 3 – The Golden Orb’ to the U.S.A., France and Poland. For this new movie we renew our successful collaboration with our previous partner Universum Film and hope that Maya’s next theatrical adventure will entertain children and families worldwide just like the first movies have done and still do,” said Ulli Stoef, CEO of Studio 100 Media.

Brian Rosen, founder of Studio B Animation, added: “My co-producer, Tracy Lenon, and I are very excited to be making another Maya the Bee film. It is such an iconic title that has been entertaining young children for more than 100 years.”

“Flying Bark are proud to be collaborating on our third Maya feature film,” said Barbara Stephen, Managing Director and Executive Producer, Flying Bark Productions. “We believe in the importance of our young audience seeing inspirational female protagonists who deal with challenges, find solutions and approach obstacles with good natured tenacity. Maya is the kind of relatable character who can be both fun, and a great role model, helping kids make sense of the world around them.”

Synopsis: When Maya and Willi bust out of winter lock down early they are catapulted headfirst into a top secret mission! Entrusted with the care of a sacred seed, Maya and Willi team up with the loveable but clumsy ants Arnie and Barney to deliver the seed to its new home atop the mysterious Bonsai Mountain. But when their “seed” hatches, Maya and Willi come face to face with their biggest responsibility yet: a smooshy, squishy little princess! They have to take on bounty hunters, thugs and ruthless enemies to return the lost princess to her mountain colony, only to find it hanging in the balance of a turf war and remorseless predators. Willi discovers a side of himself that he never expected as he becomes protective of the tiny princess. In this new adventure Maya’s curiosity and charisma will again engage and delight audiences as Maya has done so for many years.



SLR Productions has announced the commencement of production on the new original CGI animated series, Space Nova for SUPER RTL, ABC ME and NINE Network. The series received major production funding from Screen Australia and is financed with support from Create NSW.

With development funding from SUPER RTL, ABC ME and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF), Space Nova will be co-produced with Giggle Garage in Malaysia.

The series will be distributed worldwide by ZDF Enterprises, excluding Australia and New Zealand which is being handled by ACTF.

An original series created by SLR Productions, Space Nova comprises 26 x 24 minute episodes specifically geared to a global 6 to 10-year-old audience.

It’s 2162 and life is a blast for space adventurer siblings, Jet and Adelaide Nova. After all, what tween wouldn’t want to divide their days between living on an international space station and accompanying their parents on awesome interstellar missions!

Of course it’s not all asteroid chases and exploding star systems. Jet and Adelaide also have to attend school, do homework (though their chores aren’t always so typical, like recharging the family robot and scrubbing their starships hull!). Still, on weekends this Aussie astronaut family have their own unique way of unwinding, with Jet and Adelaide heading off with parents Hugo and Josie on mind blowing adventures to navigate unexplored planets, surf solar flares, hop between rogue stars and occasionally even discover previously unknown life forms.

Then, on one of these adventures the Novas stumble upon ‘Star Dust’, a strange super-powerful rainbow substance left behind in an abandoned alien ship stuck in a living celestial butterfly, and everything changes.

In fact, their discovery is so potentially explosive to the future of mankind, they must kept it secret from everyone they know, until they can unlock the secrets of the substance’s transformative powers and its potential connection to a far more intelligent alien civilisation.

Life just got daring, thrilling and more perilous than the Nova family ever imagined as they begin the quest of their lives!

Space Nova is an exciting and thrilling space adventure which follows the Nova family’s search for alien life throughout the universe. This is a great collaboration between esteemed partners ABC ME, NINE Network, SUPER RTL, Giggle Garage, Screen Australia, Create NSW, ZDF Enterprises and Australian Children’s Television Foundation. I am excited to launch into space and bring this incredible show to life,” said SLR Productions’ CEO and Executive Producer, Suzanne Ryan.

“The exploration of space is an ancient dream of mankind and offers material for exciting and imaginative stories. We are thrilled by the adventures of the Nova family and happy to be on board together with this fantastic team. We are delighted to continue our long-standing excellent and creative collaboration with SLR Productions,” said SUPER RTL Head of Editorial Department Fiction, Kerstin Viehbach.

“ABC ME is excited to be part of the new sci-fi animated adventure series, Space Nova - a dynamic series full of action, comedy and all things space! We can’t wait to follow this amazing Australian astronaut family on their daring space missions, and discover all the incredible mysteries they unravel along the way. Our audience's love of adventure and fascination with all things space-related is sure to make this series an unmissable and unique offering for them to enjoy,” said ABC Children’s Executive Producer, Amanda Isdale.

“Suzanne and the team at SLR Productions have a proven track record of delivering us entertaining and age appropriate content so we can’t wait for Space Nova. Packed with action and comedy, Space Nova promises a space adventure that our kids audience is sure to love,” said NINE Network Co-Head of Drama, Jo Rooney.

Head of Content at Screen Australia, Sally Caplan said: “There is much to like about the sci- fi astro-world of Space Nova. The characters are inspiring and intelligent, the adventures are fun and educational and have scientific research and exploration at their core. Executive Producer Suzanne Ryan and the SLR team, Creative Director Jo Boag, Head of Development Melanie Alexander are an experienced team at the top of their game and I look forward to seeing this series that is distinctly Australian and reflective of our multicultural society find an audience here and around the world.

Juhaidah Joemin, Managing Director of Giggle Garage and Executive Producer of the series added that, “it is an exciting moment for Giggle Garage to launch our partnership with SLR Productions on this beautiful property. This is truly a global collaboration involving public and private partners from Australia, Malaysia and Europe; we are thrilled to be the co-producer and having our Kuala Lumpur studio as the main production studio for Space Nova.”

“To launch into space was a childhood dream for me and I am sure that children all over the world will be fascinated by our new series,” said ZDFE.junior VP, Arne Lohmann.

Production credit: Space Nova is a SLR production for SUPER RTL, ABC ME and the NINE Network. Major production investment from Screen Australia in association with Giggle Garage. Financed with support from Create NSW.


Alice-Miranda Shines Bright.

Production is underway on a new animated telemovie for Nine, Alice-Miranda Shines Bright.

The 80-minute drama comedy from SLR Productions (Guess How Much I Love You; The Skinner Boys, Captain Flinn and The Pirate Dinosaurs, Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures) is based on books by author Jacqueline Harvey, and targeted to the 6 to 9 year old audience.

The telemovie begins as Alice-Miranda is about to become the youngest girl to ever attend the Winchesterfield-Downsfordvale Academy. She is described as an extraordinary young girl determined to never give up, even when she’s faced with challenges that seem impossible to overcome. There are teachers and students in urgent need of help, arch enemies, a frightening principal who hasn’t been seen for ten years and a scary witch in the woods.

SLR Productions’ CEO and Executive Producer, Suzanne Ryan, said, “I am thrilled to bring this perpetually positive and beloved young heroine Alice-Miranda to the screen with esteemed partners, Screen Australia, Nine Network and ZDF Enterprises. It’s an honour to work with Jacqueline Harvey the author of this incredible publishing property and to know that Alice-Miranda’s loyal and dedicated audiences will soon be sharing in her awesome adventures on screen.

“SLR Productions all-female creative team including CEO and Executive Producer Suzanne Ryan, Script Editor Melanie Alexander and Director Jo Boag have crafted a smart and inquisitive protagonist in Alice-Miranda that young girls can look up to,” said Sally Caplan, Head of Content at Screen Australia. “Based off the success of the bestselling books, we’re excited to see this Emmy Award winning team bring this fantastical and inclusive story to screen as an animated adaptation.”

Alice-Miranda is a great role model for our audience and we are delighted to be working on this exceptional project with the team at SLR Productions. We know that Alice-Miranda has a great following with young readers and Jacqueline Harvey is one of Australia’s top female children’s authors. We believe all the right ingredients are in place for this dynamic, quality Australian children’s drama to be a huge success on Nine,” said Nine Network Co-Head of Drama, Jo Rooney.

Principal production funding from Screen Australia in association with Network Nine. Distributed internationally by ZDF Enterprises.